Impact Statements

Joseph Young, MD

FASNR Scholar Award in Neuroradiology Research

The Foundation grant program is extremely valuable, particularly for a junior investigator, by providing the resources to have dedicated research time under the mentorship of a senior advisor… The Foundation has had a significant impact in my growth as a junior investigator. During the grant period, I have strengthened my grant writing abilities and research methodology, which will be invaluable in any future research endeavors that I undertake. Under the guidance of my mentor, I have also learned how to accomplish aims more efficiently and write scientific articles more effectively. In addition, I have also learned how to assume more of a leadership role in research projects. All of these skills will serve me well in future and was only made possible by the generosity of the Foundation of the ASNR. And for that, I am extremely grateful.

Joseph Young, MD Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University Boston, Massachusetts January 20, 2017

Jack Grinband, PhD

FASNR Research Scientist Award

The ASNR Research Scientist Award has allowed me to collect data that was used to apply for, and win, the 2016 Irving Institute Imaging Pilot Award. This award will be used to test whether the signal to noise of the BOLD biomarker can be further improved by using hypercapnia. Finally, I am currently writing an R01 proposal for submission for the Feb 5th deadline. The aims of the proposal are to collect localized biopsies in glioblastoma and low grade glioma and determine whether regions that are high BOLD/low FLAIR and high FLAIR/low BOLD are histological different and identify different mechanisms of tumor infiltration. Neither the Irving Institute Imaging Award or the R01 proposal would have been possible without the ASNR Research Scientist Award. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity that ASNR gave me.

Jack Grinband, PhD Columbia University New York, New York January 20, 2017

Kristen W. Yeom, MD

FASNR Comparative Effectiveness Award

We believe we have made significant strides in our investigation with the help of the ASNR-CE Award…Our preliminary work stemming from this ASNR-CE Award also was key to us obtaining the R21 NIH grant (awarded April 2016).. One of my research focuses has been to optimize pediatric neuroimaging in the most effective and child-friendly means possible. Receiving this award has supported my academic career and allowed me to further pursue this goal.. Which, I believe, help our team continue to build and improve our work on fast MRI tailored to pediatric brain. Through the generosity and support of the ASNR Foundation, I was better able to dedicate my time and resources to achieving one of my important research goals as a pediatric neuroradiologist. The award also helped provide funds needed to help our research scientists achieve their technical goals. Our team will always be grateful to the ASNR Foundation for this extraordinary opportunity to contribute to the field of neuroradiology and pediatric neuroimaging.

Kristen W. Yeom, MD Lucile Packard Children's Hospital | Stanford University Palo Alto, California January 20, 2017