The Foundation of the ASNR

Founded in 1995, The Foundation of the American Society of Neuroradiology (FASNR) is the philanthropic arm of the American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR), a 501 (c) 6 professional society for Neuroradiologists, located throughout the United States and North America. FASNR is based on the principles that Neuroradiology is dependent on new knowledge and discovering and educating Neuroradiologists is fundamental. Quality mentoring is essential to the development and continuation of this specialty.

The American Society of Neuroradiology funds imaging-based research that advance our understanding of Alzheimer’s disease, help identify new treatment strategies, provide information to improve care for people with dementia, and further our knowledge of brain health and disease prevention. Our awards support investigators at every professional stage and always include categories specifically designed to help talented young scientists establish careers in Alzheimer’s imaging research.


Impact Statement

Leo P. Sugrue M.D., Ph.D.
Through the generous support of this FASNR award, I have been able to secure protected research time to advance this project. More..

Leo P. Sugrue, MD, PhD University of California, San Francisco San Francisco, California September 13, 2017


Foundation Research Awards

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2018 Award Recipients

Congratulations to 2019 Anne G. Osborn ASNR Outreach Professors!

The ASNR International Collaborations Committee congratulates the following members who were selected as 2019 Anne G. Osborn ASNR Outreach Professors! Each Professor will receive a $2,000 travel grant from the ASNR and will be hosted by the country listed below.

Name Host Country
Mai-Lan Ho Thailand
Gaurang Shah Brazil SP
Carina Yang Ethiopia
Sandeep Bhuta Ethiopia
Joseph P. Cousins Egypt
Sarah Sarvis Milla Peru
Achint K. Singh Ukraine
Harprit Bedi South Africa
Alireza Radmanesh Thailand
Kwasi Ofori Armah Ghana

The Foundation of the ASNR thanks Dr. Anne G. Osborn for her generous contributions to make this program possible. To support this program, please give to the Foundation of the ASNR. For more information about this program, see the ASNR program announcement, as well as reports from prior ASNR Outreach Professors and hosts.

Lifetime Contributions

Recently, the Foundation of the American Society of Neuroradiology established three giving circles: Leadership Circle, Chairman’s Society, and the Corporate Giving Circle. The goals of the giving circles include increasing Foundation giving (annual, major, and planned gifts), creating an organizational identity, and building camaraderie among philanthropists who consistently support the Foundation.