ARRS/ASNR Scholarship Award

As a neuroscientist and neuroradiologist my long term career goal is to bridge these fields by developing new techniques for imaging and modifying brain activity, and translating these tools from the realm of research to the prediction, diagnosis, and treatment of neuropsychiatric disease. The Foundation of the ASNR award has allowed me to take the first steps toward this goal, enabling me to collect the preliminary data I need to apply for long term NIH funding.

One of the greatest challenges faced by clinician scientists in neuroradiology, particularly at the junior faculty level, is obtaining suffi cient time to pursue meaningful long-term research projects. Through the generous support of this FASNR award I have been able to secure protected research time to advance this project through its early stages. Continuing to create and support such opportunities for junior faculty is crucial if neuroradiology is to play a meaningful role in translating new brain imaging technologies to clinical practice.