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Diamond ($10,000 +)

  • Dr. Robert M. Barr

Platinum ($5,000 +)

  • Dr. Lex A. Mitchell

Gold ($2,500 +)

  • Alisa Gean, MD

    In honor of Laurie Loevner, MD, the ASNR's very own "Energizer Bunny"; Chris Hess MD, PhD, because he’s trying to learn how to make wine while successfully managing a major University Department; and Drs. Nancy Fischbein, Bill Dillon, and Howard Rowley for always supporting me in spite of me.

  • Dr. Laurie A. Loevner
  • Joshua P Nickerson, MD
  • the Castillo-Alvarez Fund of Triangle Community Foundation

Silver ($1,000 +)

  • Askowitz Woldenberg Foundation
  • David and Raechel Hackney
  • Dr. James G. Smirniotopoulos
  • Dr. Walter L. Olsen
  • Thomas and Judith Tomsick

Bronze ($ 500 +)

  • Dr. Carolyn and Ken Meltzer
  • Dr. Christie M. Malayil Lincoln

    To my inspirational mentors Dr. Jacqueline A. Bello and Dr. Yvonne W. Lui

  • Dr. Jennifer L. McCarty
  • Dr. Jose A. Bauza
  • Dr. Kate L. Forhan
  • Dr. Pejman J. Maralani
  • Dr. Ronald L. Wolf
  • Dr. Stephen E. Jones
  • Dr. Steven G. Imbesi
  • Dr. Vincent P. Mathews
  • Dr. Virginia B. Hill
  • Drs. Vincent and Laura Mathews
  • Jerrold Boxerman, MD, PhD, FACR
  • Jody Tanabe, MD
  • Kate L. Forhan
  • Licia P. Luna, MD, PhD
  • Mark E. Mullins, MD PhD
  • Nikdokht (Niky) Farid
  • Virginia Boyce Hill, MD

Friend ($250 +)

  • Claudia F.E. Kirsch MD, PhD Candidate FACR, FASFNR

    In memory of my mother an immigrant to the US and mother in law, as per Martin Luther King, "Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and inhuman", may we bring health care equity around the globe!

  • Dr. Blaise V. Jones
  • Dr. Christopher P. Wood
  • Dr. David R. Pettersson
  • Dr. Jason M. Stoane
  • Dr. Jason Michael Huston
  • Dr. Jean-Luc Sarrazin
  • Dr. John F. Hiehle
  • Dr. Jonathan Daniel Clemente
  • Dr. Karen L. Salzman
  • Dr. Karsten Alfke
  • Dr. Karuna Shekdar

    In memory of Kalpana Joshi

  • Dr. Marcel Menahem Maya
  • Dr. Mary C. Russell
  • Dr. Oscar F. Carbonell
  • Dr. Rakesh D. Chaudhari
  • Dr. Stephen M. Ying
  • Dr. Wallace W. Peck
  • Dr. William D. Miller
  • Dr. Yvonne Lui
  • James Y. Chen, MD
  • John H Rees MD FACR

    In Honor of my earliest Neuroradiology mentors - Alan Butler MD and Rick Goldman MD

  • Oscar F. Carbonell, MD, FACR
  • Robert Chiteman
  • Susie Huang

Supporter (Up to $249)

  • Charles T Bonstelle, MD
  • Dr. Aaron D. Skolnik
  • Dr. Ali Shaibani
  • Dr. Bruce H. Braffman
  • Dr. Charles and Sandra Bonstelle
  • Dr. Gary E. Turner
  • Dr. Jerome A. Barakos
  • Dr. Jonathan A. Morgan
  • Dr. Joshua S. Shimony
  • Dr. Leo Galvin
  • Dr. Maurice Fitzpatrick
  • Dr. Mylien S. Pham
  • Dr. Osamu Sakai
  • Dr. Rachael E. Gordon
  • Dr. Rafael Rojas
  • Dr. Sathish K. Dundamadappa
  • Fabricio Goncalves
  • Jeffrey R. Petrella MD FACR
  • Kristine M. Mosier