Donor Wall

2018 – 2019 Foundation Campaign
(May 7, 2018 through April 1, 2019)

2017-2018 Foundation Campaign Donor Wall:

Diamond ($10,000 +)

Platinum ($5,000 +)

Mayo Clinic Neuroradiology

This donation to the ASNR Foundation is made in honor of Dr. O. Wayne Houser by his grateful Neuroradiology colleagues at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Houser served as President of the ASNR from 1983 – 1984, and has been a tremendously inspirational leader and role model in our field. Sincere thanks to you Dr. Houser for your profound contributions to our group and your embodiment of the Mayo model of care.

Gold ($2,500 +)

Dr. Yoshimi Anzai
Drs. Jacqueline A Bello and Peter Carmel
Dr. Alisa Gean

In loving memory of Bentley Gean who was always there with me when I was studying neuroradiology at home.

Mary Beth Hepp
Dr. John E. Jordan

Eloise Grant

Dr. William Keyes
Mrs. Mary and Dr. Edmond Knopp
Dr. Lex Mitchell
Dr. Lex Mitchell
Dr. Susan Palasis

In memory of Dr. E. Ralph Heinz, ASPNR and ASNR Gold Medal Recipient, for all of his contributions to our field and for his mentorship.

Dr. Tina Young Poussaint
Dr. Jeffrey Ross
Dr. Jeffrey Ross
Dr. Erin and Mr. Darren Schwartz
Castillo-Alvarez Charitable Fund at Triangle Community Foundation

To the 27,400,000 uninsured people and the 700,000 additional that that the Affordable Care Act did not reach.

Silver ($1,000 +)

Dr. Jayapalli Rajiv Bapuraj
Dr. Anthony James Barkovich

T. Hans Newton

Dr. Robert and Tara Barr
Dr. Barton Branstetter
Dr. Asim F. Choudhri
Dr. Erik Gaensler
Dr. Lotfi Hacein-Bey

Juan M Taveras

Dr. David B. Hackney
Dr. Christopher Hess Dr. Theresa Allison

Drs. William P. Dillon and A. James Barkovich, inspirational forces in Neuroradiology

Dr. Steven Hetts
michael and beverly huckman

in memory of Dr. E. Ralph Heinz

Dr. Amy Kotsenas
Dr. Don Larsen

In Memory of Dr. William G. Bradley

Dr. Roland Lee

In Honor of Dr. Rosalind Dietrich

Dr. Roland R. Lee
Drs. Michele Johnson and Johnson Lightfoote

In memory of William Bradley

Dr. Kenneth Maravilla
Dr. Carolyn and Mr. Kenneth Meltzer
Dr. Tito Nguyen
Dr. Walter Olsen and Zdenka Fronek
Dr. Haricharan Reddy
Dr. Michael & Mrs. Lynn Rothman
Drs. Howard Rowley and Carol Diamond
Dr. Marc D. Shapiro
Dr. James G. Smirniotopoulos
Drs. Keith Smith and Lisa Jones
Dr. Thomas Tomsick

in honor of Dr. Robert Lukin

Dr. Chip Truwit
Dr. Apostolos Tsiouris
Dr. A. John Tsiouris
Dr. Ronald L. Wolf
Kelly and David Yousem

Bronze ($ 500 +)

Dr. Beverly Aagaard-Kienitz
Applied Radiology

In Memory of William Bradley, MD

Dr. Jerrold Boxerman
Dr. Jonathan Breslau and Mrs. Lisa Breslau
Dr. Robert Nick Bryan
Dr. David Carrington
Dr. George Carstens
Dr. Joseph P. Cousins
Dr. Lawrence Davis
Dr. Robert DeLaPaz
Dr. Jolanta Dennis
Dr. Niky Farid

In memory of my mentor and first Chair, Dr. William G. Bradley.

Dr. James Fink
Dr. Wende Gibbs

My mentors and mentees – you have made all the difference.

Dr. Christine Glastonbury
Dr. John Go
Dr. Paul Hahn
Dr. John R. Hesselink
Dr. Steven Imbesi
Drs. Jerry and Gail Jarvik
Dr. Hillary Kelly
Dr. Michael H. Lev
Dr. Karl Lovblad
Dr. Rene Manzo
Drs. Vincent and Laura Mathews
Dr. Philip Meyers
Dr. Karen Moeller
Dr. Gregory Nicola
Dr. Varadareddy T Reddy
Dr. Leroy Roberts, Jr.
Dr. Gaurang Shah
Dr. Marc D. Shapiro
Dr. Louis Smith
Dr. Maria Vittoria Spampinato
Dr. Robert C Wood Jr
Dr. Gregory G. Zaharchuk

Friend ($250 +)

Dr. John Alley
Dr. Martin Asis
Dr. A. James Barkovich and Karen K. Jernstedt
Dr. Jose Bauza
Dr. Matthew Bobinski
Dr. Michael Brant-Zawadzki
Paul M. Bunch, MD
Dr. Bradford Burton
Balasundaram Chandrasekar

Dr GadoDr HodgesDr Vitek

Dr. Taylor P. Chen
Dr. Robert L. Chiteman
Dr. Sammy Chu
Dr. Arthur D. Cortez
Jon J. DeWitte, MD
William Donovan


Dr. Clifford Eskey
Dr. Reza Forghani
Dr. Jason Handwerker
Dr. Gregory Hatfield
Dr. Brian Herts
Dr. Jennifer Hill
Dr. Ellen Hoeffner

In honor of past, present and future Neuroradiology Fellows at the University of Michigan.

Dr. Robert Howard II
Raymond Huang
Dr. Neelu Jain-Lakhani
Dr. Blaise Jones
Dr. Tabby Kennedy

In honor of my mentors and sponsors-Howard Rowley, Carol Diamond and Aaron Field

Dr. Henri Kieffer
bernadette koch
Dr. Andrew J. Kurman
Dr. Theodore Larson
Dr. Mykol Larvie
Dr. Yueh Lee
Dr. Laurent Letourneau-Guillon
Dr. Richard Levy
Dr. Johnson Lightfoote

William G. Bradley

Dr. Carlos R. Martinez
Dr. Christopher Mattern
Dr. M. Marcel Maya
Dr. William Miller
Dr. James Moseley
Dr. Franklin Moser
Dr. Sugoto Mukherjee
Dr. Mark E. Mullins
Dr. Diego Nunez
Darren P. O’Neill, MD
Dr. Kwaku Obeng

In honor of the seasoned Neuroradiologists who cared to teach me.

Dr. Gaetano T. Pastena
Dr. David Payne
Dr. Wallace Peck
Dr. Todd Peebles
Dr. Thomas Peltola
Dr. Gregory Phelan
Dr. Jeffrey M Pollock
Dr. Roy Riascos
Dr. Javier Romero
Dr. Joshua Sapire
Dr. Georgianne Snowden
Dr. Jason Stoane
Dr. Amar Swarnkar
Dr. Carlos H. Torres
Dr. Juan N. Useche
Dr. Achala Vagal

In honor of Dr. Robert Lukin

Dr. John H. Woo
Dr. Wen C. Yang
Dr. Stephen Ying
Dr. Amir Zamani
Dr. Albert Zilkha

Supporter (Up to $249)

Dr. Vikas Agarwal
Afthab Ahmed
Dr. Michael Antonucci
Dr. Andres Arbelaez
Dr. Kwasi O. Armah
Dr. Andrew Auber
Andrew Auber MD
Dr. Lev Bangiyev
Dr. Douglas Bates
Dr. David Berns
Mr. Rahul Bhala
Dr. Ari Blitz

In memory of Dr. Bill Bradley

Dr. Sarah A. Bochar
Dr. Bradley J. Bohnert
Dr. Eric Bourekas
Dr. Allan Brook
Dr. Douglas Brown
Dr. Anthony Bruno
Dr. John Timothy Burger
Dr. Vernon D. Byrd
Dr. Oscar F. Carbonell
Dr. James Carrico
Dr. Stephen Chan
Jennifer Chang
Dr. Rakesh D. Chaudhari
Dr. Joseph P. Cousins
Dr. John Curnes

In memory of Dr. James Scatliff and Dr. Robert Whaley

Dr. Lanita Dawson-Jones
Dr. Nripendra C. Devanath
Dr. Mariathea Dolar
Dr. John Doumanian
Dr. Sathish Dundamadappa
Dr. Nancy Fischbein
Dr. Maurice Fitzpatrick
Dr. Manuel C. Fortes
Dr. Robert Freedy
Dr. Bernard Gero
Dr. Kenneth Goldberg
Dr. Rachael Gordon
Dr. H. Phillip Hahn
Dr. Virginia B. Hill
Dr. Jenny K. Hoang
Dr. Jason M. Huston
Dr. Peter Janick
Dr. Christopher Joy
Dr. Andrew Kalnin
Dr. John Karis
Dr. Prabhakar P. Kesava
Dr. Leena Ketonen
Dr. Arshad Khan
Dr. Philip Kousoubris
Dr. Aswin K. Krishnamoorthy
Dr. Klaus Krueger
Dr. Ashok Kumar
Dr. Virendra Kumar
Dr. Meng Law
Dr. Jeffrey CS Lee
Dr. Grace M. Lee
Dr. John Leever
Dr. Raisa Lev
Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Lukin, MD
David Martin
Dr. Robert C. McKinstry, III
Dr. Robert C. McKinstry, III
Dr. Asim Mian
Dr. Frank Mihlon
Dr. Michelle Miller-Thomas
Dr. Bradd Millian
Dr. Andres Moreno De Luca
Dr. Todd Mulderink
Dr. Michael Nelson
Dr. Randy L. Niblett
Dr. Edward Noble
Dr. Bernard B. O[q]Malley
Dr. Michael Opatowsky
Dr. Mitchell Pace
Dr. Prashant Parashurama
Dr. Mark Pfleger
Dr. Mylien Pham
Dr. Michael Polise
Dr. Tanya Rath
Dr. John H. Rees
Dr. Feliza Restrepo
Dr. Pavel Rodriguez
Dr. Mary C. Russell
Dr. Craig Russo
Dr. Osamu Sakai
Dr. Steven Schonfeld
Eric D Schwartz
Dr. Neda Sedora-Roman
Dr. David Seidenwurm
Mr. Vinil Shah
Dr. Joshua Shimony
Dr. Mark Shiroishi
Dr. Clark Sitton
Dr. Kudavalli Somashekar
Dr Ashok Srinivasan
Dr. Mark Stephan
Dr. Bradley Strimling
Dr. Valerie Summers
Dr. Krishnamoorthy Thamburaj
Dr. Stephan Thiede
Dr. Bradley P. Thomas
Dr. Duc Tran
Dr. Hoang Trang
Dr. Sunil Trasi
Dr. Alyssa Watanabe
Dr. Andrew West
Dr. Richard E. Whitehead
Dr. Elysa Widjaja
Dr. Vivek Yedavalli
Dr. Carlos Armando A. Zamora Gonzalez
Dr. German Zamora
Dr. Walter Zink