Donor Spotlight

Castillo-Alvarez Charitable Fund at Triangle Community Foundation

Why did you make your first gift to the Foundation?

We started contributing the Foundation a few years ago with small amounts. When we were lucky to see our income increase we established a charitable fund with the idea of contributing to entities which we thought enrich us as professionals and individuals. ASNR is a relatively small society, that allows one to see exactly what the Foundation is doing and to share in the feeling of pride in seeing it grow especially now that it has reached is first 50 years. Although most of us will not be around to participate in its Centennial, we hope that our contributions will take us there and beyond.

Why do you support the Foundation?

As its name implies the Foundation is the “foundation” not only of ASNR but of neuroradiology as a clinical science. Without support, the foundation of our specialty will stop growing and gaining importance. Nothing is for free, especially research. Without adequate funds our discipline will stop growing and be absorbed by others. Why would we allow that happen? Most of us are lucky to enjoy very good lifestyles — why not insure that future generations will be able to do the same?

What motivates you to give?

To us, contributing the Foundation and ASNR is a source of personal pleasure and satisfaction. It rounds out our professional lives; not only are we trying to do the best for our patients on a daily basis but we are contributing to the greater picture. A better question would be: what prevents one from giving? If one loves neuroradiology, why not give? Why not give what you are not directly using for the betterment of your scientific community or your community as a whole? Although the Foundation receives the largest contribution from our charitable fund, we also support other societies and the arts in our community. Giving, like life in general, has to be well-rounded.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about donating to the Foundation?

Your funds will be well utilized by not only fostering the careers of young investigators but by eventually contributing to the health of patients. Donating will fulfill your career and will give you a sense of satisfaction and of having done well; it will make you a better person.

How do you hope your gift is used?

Our gift is unconditional. We believe in ASNR and the Foundation, and leave it up to their leadership to use the funds in the way they see fit. One person, or in our case two individuals, have a limited viewpoint and cannot entirely know where the needs of our specialty are. That is why we trust the Board of Directors of the Foundation to find the best way to use our contributions.