Boerger Research Fund for Alzheimer’s Disease and Neurocognitive Disorders

Program Objectives

The American Society of Neuroradiology funds imaging-based research that advance our understanding of Alzheimer’s disease, help identify new treatment strategies, provide information to improve care for people with dementia, and further our knowledge of brain health and disease prevention. Our awards support investigators at every professional stage and always include categories specifically designed to help talented young scientists establish careers in Alzheimer’s imaging research.

Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the following recipients of the ASNR Alzheimer’s Imaging Research Program grants.


Priya Rajagopalan, MBBS, MPH
University of Southern California

Assessing Brain volumes and White matter Microstructure in Alzheimer’s Disease in relation to Astrocyte and Oligodendrocyte based genetic subtypes


Vivek Prabhakaran, MD, PhD
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Use of AI for intermodality conversion of brain MR to PET for diagnosis of AD, MCI, and aging normals


Ana Franceschi, MD, PhD
Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, Northwell Health

[18F] PI-2620 PET in Primary Progressive Aphasia


Susie Y. Huang, MD, PhD
Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Exploring the relationship between tau deposition and neurovascular health in Alzheimer’s disease


Ilya Nasrallah, MD, PhD
University of Pennsylvania

Evaluation of [F18]NOS as a Novel PET Radiotracer for Neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s Disease


Michael Zeineh, MD, PhD
Stanford University

Amount Funded: $250,000.00

Iron-Based Neuroinflammation: A New Window to AD Pathology


Cyrus Raji, MD, PhD
University of California, San Francisco

Amount Funded: $99,460.00

Diffusion MR Imaging based Edge Density Connectome Mapping for Prediction of Alzheimer’s Disease


Sumit Niogi, MD, PhD
Joan & Sanford I. Weill Medical College of Cornell University

Amount Funded: $242,140.00

Development of a Clinically Integrated Prognostic Tool for Alzheimer’s Disease Using Deep Machine Learning Operating on a Connectome Network Diffusion Model


Christopher G Filippi, MD
The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Amount Funded: $100,000.00

Development of a Novel, Quantitative MR Imaging Biomarker of Glymphatic Flow for Alzheimer’s Disease


Elizabeth Davenport, PhD
University of Texas Southwestern

Amount Funded: $99,952.00

MEG Spectral Analysis as a Biomarker in Alzheimer’s Disease


David J. Mikulis, MD
Toronto Western Hospital, University of Toronto
Bruce A. Wasserman, MD
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Amount Funded: $229,650.00

Developing an imaging biomarker for Alzheimer’s dementia based on vascular dysfunction


Rahul Desikan, MD, PhD
University of California, San Francisco

Amount Funded: $230,865.00

Multi-dimensional prediction of Alzheimer’s disease risk


Jeffrey R. Petrella, MD
Duke University School of Medicine

Amount Funded: $230,426.00

High-Resolution Intracortical DTI for Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease


University of Southern California

Amount Funded: $205,945.00

Multi-Shell HARDI/FOD and Structural MRI of White and Gray Matter Connectomics with Allopregnanolone Regenerative Therapy in MCI and Alzheimers Disease


Sterling C. Johnson, PhD
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Amount Funded: $100,000.00

Tau, amyloid and cerebral vascular health in people at risk for Alzheimer’s Disease