Congratulations to 2023 Anne G. Osborn ASNR Outreach Professors!

The ASNR International Collaborations Committee congratulates the following members who were selected as 2023 Anne G. Osborn ASNR Outreach Professors! Each Professor will receive a $2,000 travel grant from the ASNR and will be hosted by the country listed below.

Name Host Country
Mai-Lan Ho Thailand
Frank Lexa Tanzania
Lea Alhilali Tanzania
Majid Khan Ghana
Robert Young Brazil – Sao Paolo/Rio
Ajay Malhotra Brazil – Sao Paolo/Rio
Ramon Figueroa Brazil – Recife
Mohit Agarwal Brazil – Recife
Suresh Mukherji Argentina
Erik Middlebrooks Argentina

The Foundation of the ASNR thanks Dr. Anne G. Osborn for her generous contributions to make this program possible. To support this program, please give to the Foundation of the ASNR. More information about this program, including reports from prior ASNR Outreach Professors and hosts, is available here.