FASNR Comparative Effectiveness Award

We believe we have made significant strides in our investigation with the help of the ASNR-CE Award…Our preliminary work stemming from this ASNR-CE Award also was key to us obtaining the R21 NIH grant (awarded April 2016).. One of my research focuses has been to optimize pediatric neuroimaging in the most effective and child-friendly means possible. Receiving this award has supported my academic career and allowed me to further pursue this goal.. Which, I believe, help our team continue to build and improve our work on fast MRI tailored to pediatric brain.

Through the generosity and support of the ASNR Foundation, I was better able to dedicate my time and resources to achieving one of my important research goals as a pediatric neuroradiologist. The award also helped provide funds needed to help our research scientists achieve their technical goals. Our team will always be grateful to the ASNR Foundation for this extraordinary opportunity to contribute to the field of neuroradiology and pediatric neuroimaging.