Research Scholar in Neuroradiology

A major focus of my research is combining advanced CT-Perfusion imaging and molecular biology techniques to develop a multimodal evaluation method to assess blood brain barrier (BBB) damage in patients with aneurysmal hemorrhage. The Research Scholar Award has allowed me to pursue this work in a prospective clinical/translational study and gain insights into the signaling pathways involved in BBB dysfunction in the acute clinical setting, which can serve as a foundation for new therapeutic strategies. Thanks to the vision and generosity of the FASNR, I am able to further develop this emerging translational research area at the intersection of neuroradiology and molecular biology, and apply it to studying BBB dysfunction in other patient populations. As a young attending in my first year of practice, I especially appreciate this opportunity. In the next 12 months, I am planning to apply for an NIH grant using results from the Research Scholar award project as preliminary data. I appreciate the support of the FASNR and hope that donors will continue to support the FASNR in the future, allowing young neuroradiologists such as myself to pursue translational research projects and develop new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for our patients.