Research Scientist Award in Neuroradiology

The funding predominantly supported the application of an exciting new MRS technique (HERMES, Saleh et al. Neuroimage, 2016) allowing for faster edited MRS of both GABA and Glutathione, never before performed in ASD. These new experiments will provide us with substantially more information on the inhibitory system in ASD. Moreover, receiving this award has allowed me to manage my own project, apply for other funding, take on a postdoctoral fellow and to take the next steps towards an independent research career studying inhibition in Autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Through receiving this award from The Foundation of the ASNR, I will be able to establish myself more fully as an independent investigator, as well as starting to build my own research group. This project allows for a multi-modal approach to studying GABAergic inhibition in ASD by combining novel and complimentary techniques. I am incredibly grateful to the FASNR for providing me with this opportunity to advance the fi eld of autism research and research into GABAergic inhibition in general.